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New magazine Forever Young with womens and kids fashion launches online
New cool magazine title ‘Forever Young’ with womens and kids fashion launched online yesterday. The brainchild of two industry professionals, Forever Young was created by photographer Annie Bundfuss and art director Rosanna Pendleton. Forever Young has high fashion editorial pages with womenswear and separate kidswear shoots as well as a shopping section with direct links featuring a mix of high end and high st. Say’s Annie “For years, we have had our work ...
The New Story, a new title from the Papier Mache magazine founder Beck Marshall
Smudgetikka interviewed the founder and creative force behind Papier Mache magazine Beck Marshall about her fabulous new title, The New Story which is launching this summer at Playtime Berlin. The New Story embraces motherhood in all its forms with the same feel as Papier Mache and will feature shoots with both ...
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