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Feather Drum Pilgrim collection with plant and organic dyes
As the name suggests Pilgrim has a purity at heart using just natural plant and organic dyes for this fall 17 collection by Feather Drum. Based in Australia, their fall is Northern Hemisphere spring so the collection is available now. There is a gorgeous simplicity to the label, both in style and photography and it includes both womenswear and  kidswear for 2 to 12 years.
Kids to adult a new line from Cavalier for spring 2017
From kids to adult for Cavalier fashion this spring/summer 2017. The Singapore street style inspired brand was asked so often for larger sizes for adults and after a few seasons of one off limited adult release they now have a full capsule womenswear collection. Whilst Cavalier are not advocating a total minime look they have a similar but not matchy, matchy feeling which is not only for mums but given the ...
Mischka Aoki has the most stunning kids dresses in the world
If you wanted the most stunning kids dresses in the world for your little one, no expense spared Mischka Aoki is where you would go. At prices that outdo even the luxury brands such as Dior and Dolce & Gabbana its no wonder that they have also launched a diffusion collection for the summer called Little Miss Aoki.
Ode to Bourgeois adult and kids fashion from Wolf & Rita
Wolf & Rita for spring 2017 spans adult and kids fashion with a homage to the great Louise Bourgeois. As long time admirers of her art and persona, they researched through ‘Bour- geois’ always surprising and vast oeuvre: drawings, tapestry and specially the embroidered works created from simple fragments of cloth. Inspired by Bourgeois’ work, they created the patterns and colour palette for the collection: strong reds and deep blues, from geometrical ...
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