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Wild & Gorgeous at the circus kids fashion spring 2017
Wild & Gorgeous shoot circus kids fashion for spring 2017, a sneak peek at the clothes to come soon with a circus/traveller location. The second collection to include the new boyswear line which prompted the name change last year from I Love Gorgeous shows an extension of the ideas created then with boyswear details such as embroidered or printed back graphics and badged arms. There’s a great set of karate ...
Wild & Gorgeous, new boys fashion, new name
Wild & Gorgeous new boys fashion with a new name for the much loved I Love Gorgeous British kids fashion label. The brand has been just girlswear, very pretty soft and feminine girlswear for ten years now and seeing an opportunity to add boys fashion into the collection they successfully crowdfunded earlier this year  to achieve a new boyswear collection ready for the fall/winter 2016 season. The new boyswear has a classic feel with well ...
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