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Units – kids play large farm animals from Denmark
The idea of Units was to create design products in EVA foam, which would appeal to both children and adults. Several concepts were on the table but the company founders liked the idea about the kids play farm animals so much that they decided to try it out. “All of us either has small children or grown-up children, and the words “pig”, “horse, or “cow” were among the first words our ...
Bleebla, architect designed new toy classics from Portugal
Bleebla is a new collection of design products for kids, new toy classics designed by two architects in Portugal, Ana Ferreira and Luís Leite. The desire was produce simple and timeless objects considering, among other premises, aesthetic, sensory and sustainability issues using rich textures such as wood and cork. There are four theme animal boxes based on the jungle, farm, sea and forest which were originally designed in 2009 and now are released for sale plus jungle ...
Toca Boca kids technology nature apps and paper products
Newly launched this autumn the Toca Boca kids technology team’s latest app Toca Nature features some great graphics and an interesting approach to nature. Habitats spring up depending on what kind of environment a child builds with different actions resulting in different animals coming to live in certain areas, with each species tied to a particular terrain or plant type.
Absolute Abode a new design cafe and emporium in Wimbledon
Absolute Abode is a new combined store with an emphasis on unique and great design, there is a very cool cafe in one half of the store and a carefully curated edit of great interior design home objet in the other. The double site is very near to the station at Raynes Park in the Wimbledon area so sited near to some very desirable properties indeed and ...
Toy Stories at the V&A Museum of Childhood – a photo exhibition
The V&A Museum of Childhood is hosting the exhibition Toy Stories,  a series of portraits by Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti, which explores the role and function of toys in the lives of children around the world. The 21 photographs reflect the impact of the children’s backgrounds and families on their choice of toys and highlight the universality of play.
My Name Is Simone, quirky and cute dolls for the holiday season, Xmas 2013
The revival of the soft cloth doll continues apace with these quirky styles from My Name is Simone. The retro style dolls are produced by Caroline Castagna-Suarez made from organic cotton in the EC and come in two sizes. The idea is that they are interpretations of much loved iconic figures, Parisian Couturiers, PopStars, or odd anti-hero’s such as Super Zero, so are fun pastiches of adult heroes. Available ...
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