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EFVVA ‘Fairytale Forest’ kids fashion for fall 2015 in the forest
EFVVA is the kids fashion label from Poland envisioned by Ewa Wrobel-Hultqvist with an artistic hand made artisan feeling. I have already featured the fall/winter 2015 collection titled Fairytale Forest earlier this year but a new shoot has appeared shot deep in the forest with a strong look which justifies showing you this collection once again now deliveries have been made and the collection is available. The shoot ...
EFVVA fantasy kids fashion for fall/winter 2015
EFFVA shows a fantasy kids fashion collection for fall/winter 2015 called ‘In the Fairytale Forest’ with inspiration from the art of Paolo Uccello and the meeting of Knights, Princesses and foxes. Its always a beautiful collection with a definite arty identity that takes it away from the mainstream kids fashion offerings. A special selection of the EFFVA collection is always hand painted haute couture and here it is a Knight uniform ...
Miamija, fashion kids headwear from Poland
Miamija specialise in fashion kids headwear and have sent me a really funky shoot of their winter collection. The label is based in Poland and makes their headgear in small batches, often by hand and with attention to detail. The collection is non gendered and meant for everyday use with neutral colour tones and monochrome stripe patterns. Great shearling hood from Miamija, a new Polish label with kids ...
Kids Pop Art fashion by EFVVA for spring 2015
Inspired by the artists of the 60’s such as Andy Warhol the new seasons look from EFVVA is a themed kids Pop Art fashion collection of bright vivid colour, bold stripes and graphic hand drawn prints. There are Mini Mouse and Mr Mouse shoes, batwing ( literally batwing, not just the shape) T-shirts and beautiful Minnie ears topped tulle dresses. The collection looks great fun and has this quirky photoshoot to ...
Kids on The Moon Polish kids fashion special project – Moonsafari by Yulka Wilam
Kids on The Moon commissioned a special photographic project from Yulka Wilam to capture the unlimited world of children’s fantasy and imagination. Part of a series of projects undertaken with global artists which is aimed at finding and developing young talent at an early age.
First Baby Shoes, a new Polish brand with a novel concept for handmade baby shoes.
First Baby Shoes is a new concept from Poland, a brand which provided you with all the necessary items to make your babies first pair of shoes by hand yourself. Its a fantastic idea for crafty mums or grandparents and might inspire more advanced shoe making skills in some. The shoes are all soft leather and come supplied with the thread and needle needed for handwork. They ...
Kids on the Moon, beautiful romantic kids fashion from Warsaw
With a simple colour palette and a dreamy feeling to the shoot Kids on the Moon have produced a beatiful fall/winter 2013 collection story. Based in Warsaw the kidswear brand have a soft and easy approach to kids fashion focusing on a few neutral colours and a delicate print inspired by dandelion seeds represented as stars.
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