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Best of the winter kids fashion, Motoreta Wanderlust
Winter kids fashion season is almost ended with the sales starting worldwide before Xmas these days. I thought for the next few posts I would highlight some of the brands worth looking out for in the Xmas sales and first up is Motoreta. Based and produced in the south of Spain, Motoreta was created by the architects Cristina López-Lago and Maria Llerena.
Motoreta kids fashion inspired by architecture summer 2018
Motoreta kids fashion inspired by architecture for summer 2018 is based on geometric shapes and clean modern styling. Motoreta hails from the south of Spain, Seville. Both founding partners Cristina Lopez-Lago and Maria Llerena, were both architect partners for years and closely linked to the world of art and design.
Motoreta kids cool nature inspired fall 2017 fashion
The new Motoreta kids cool collection launches today for fall/winter 2017. Titled ‘We are Nature’ the collection features and abstract mountain graduated colour print, bold black and grey pinstripes, dots and an abstract print in blue and black. ” This season’s shapes and prints were inspired by the connection between nature, fashion, architecture and land art.
Graphic kids fashion with movement from Motoreta FW16
The Motoreta FW16 graphic kids fashion collection is all about movement with shapes and prints inspired by Alexander Calder’s work with mobiles. Cozy textured knitted garments and soft fabrics include iconic silhouettes and shapes. Blue, navy, black, brown, white, stripes, dots, geometries and organic forms celebrate what changes and what stays the same in a child’s life. This Spanish label has established a strong following with its striking outlook in ...
Motoreta spring 2016 kids beach style fashion inspired by salt flats
Motoreta spring 2016 kids beach style fashion was inspired buy the sparkling white salt flats of Southern Spain in Cadiz. The memories of a childhood playing on the beaches and time passing without notice generates it own joy. Founded in early 2013 Motoreta is a personal brand, based and produced in the south of Spain. Created by the architects Cristina López-Lago and Maria Llerena the label is now available in one hundred points ...
Motoreta Spanish kids fashion growing in popularity for fall 2015 kidswear
Motoreta is one of a group of new Spanish kids fashion labels that are growing in popularity now. For many years Spanish fashion was seen as great quality but stuck in a somewhat classic vein somewhere between the 1950’s and the 80’s but this has really turned around in the last few years. Motoreta is based in Seville and was formed two years ago by Cristina Lopez-Lago and ...
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