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Head over Heels, stunning new kids editorial in Milk magazine by Abi Campbell
Head over Heels, stunning new kids editorial in Milk Magazine by British photographer Abi Campbell. The new issue of Milk Magazine No 61  has just gone on sale today with a back to work theme. This topsy turvy autumnal kids fashion story was shot for them partly at the Southbank and partly in a local park by Abi Campbell with stylist
Paper People – brilliant new kids editorial by Abi Campbell
Paper People a brilliant new kids editorial by Abi Campbell and Julie Vianey for the new summer issue of Milk Magazine which has just been published. Abi explains the inspiration for this fab quirky shoot below; “My children made robot heads out of cardboard boxes, which I shared on Facebook, a friend of mine Guido Harari saw my post and left an image and comment  “do you ...
Cute new kids fashion shoot from Joanna Paterson for Milk Magazine
New year and a new kids fashion shoot by Joanna Paterson today. Lots of new shoots for Spring 2016 kidswear will be online this month and here Joanna works again with the group shot idea she used for No Added Sugar so successfully in the fall. The stylist was Rachel Caulfield and the hair and make up was by Victoria Bond, the shoot appears in
Kids knits get bigger and bigger!
Another great set of editorial kids knits pictures today with the oversized theme in play again from the team of photographer Delphine Chanet and stylist Mélanie Hoepffner for Milk magazine’s new issue. The Mommy size knit on kids having appeared in two top kids fashion editorials now will be repeated I am sure in many more shoots over the coming months! Cool kids knits shoot for Milk Magazine by ...
Cool high summer kids fashion from Milk magazine
A very cool high summer kids fashion shoot today from the latest Milk magazine styled by Julie Vianey and photographed by Tim Marsella. Swimming pools are a hot location item this year after the super stylised Baby Dior summer campaign and its always a pleasure to see an architecturally pleasing pool.
Easter kids fashion botanical photo shoot by Emma Tunbridge
Perfect for this time of year is an Easter kids fashion botanical themed shoot by Emma Tunbridge for Milk magazine online. Quirky styling touches reinforce the theme, the styling is by Kellie Daggett and the set and props by Tara Holmes.
Cool space kids fashion story by Sandra Freij for Milk magazine
A super cool space kids fashion story for summer 2015 today from Milk magazine shot by Sandra Freij and styled by Kate Van Der Hage. The hair and make up was by Christina Corway and the amazing set design was by Helen Macintyre. It’s a special shout out to Kate who had her first child, a baby ...
Mother and child fashion for the Holiday time of year
Mother and child fashion shot by Piotr Motyka for Milk magazine online with the idea of the Christmas holiday time of year today. The clothes featured are from the spring 2015 kids fashion collections from designer labels such as Stella McCartney and Scotch  R’Belle. The photo team included art direction by Liz Sheppard, styling by Gemma Carmichael and grooming by
Halloween kids fashion story by Sandra Freij – a look back
Another story from photographer Sandra Freij today and one of my favourites of her kids photography. A Halloween kids fashion story first published in Milk magazine a few years ago but I’ve revived it because its October. Why not! Its always a great kids theme but usually tends to be over focused on Pumpkins and witchy outfits, I like this for the subtle ...
Cute kids fashion photography from Melanie Rodriguez
I have been impressed with the latest work from photographer Melanie Rodriguez this year. Based in Paris and often working with stylist Deborah Sfez as a team they have a stylish aesthetic and a dreamy feel to their kids fashion photography which often uses tonal colours in both the background and clothing for a soothing effect. Below is Melanie’s spring 2014 work for kids ...