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Modéerska Huset sneak peek for fall / winter 2013 stunning prints for baby and child
Modéerska Huset designer Jenny Modéer had an unfortunate experience at Playtime Paris kids fashion trade fair this season when her fall / winter collection didn’t make it through customs in time for the show. Luckily she did have a drawing of her new graphic print and a selection of the summer but for those who missed it here is a sneak peek at the winter 2013 children’s collection ...
Cherry Pick for kids fashion and the Rebel Showroom kidswear buyers event for a/w 2013
Not all kids clothing industry buyers can make it to the European shows that the press have been travelling to over the past two weeks, some of them can’t even make it to the London show Bubble so the life of a clothes agent doesn’t end with the closing of the trade fairs. Julia Koorn is one of the well connected agents who sell designer kids fashion clothing in the UK ...
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