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Winter 2018 kids fashion stylish shoot by Dasha Pears
Last winter 2018 kids fashion, a stylish shoot by Dasha Pears, a Russian photographer based in Helsinki in Finland. These images were shot as a part of a collaboration project with the stylist Jane Kristoferson in St. Petersburg, Russia. The project’s goal was to marry art and fashion photography and concentrate on colour exploration which is a very important in a child’s development. Both furniture and ...
Just in time for Xmas reading a new issue of Hooligans
Just in time for Xmas reading the new issue of Hooligans magazine is released. There’s a fabulous abstract collage story by Abi Campbell with an altered state of mind theme featuring the fall/winter collections for a last look at the kids winter fashion just before the sales empty the stores of such items. Abi’s concept was for a collage shoot which was inspired by Barcelona artist ...
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