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A Mini Penny stocking fillers to delight
For the cutest stocking fillers you can’t beat the gorgeous porcelain animal necklaces of A Mini Penny. A Mini Penny is the kids offshoot from A Weathered Penny. Founder Kayleigh is a self taught designer & has 6 years experience working within fashion, from operations, VM and graphic design. She also has a degree in fashion communications and marketing and all the products are made in the UK. The ...
Modern Queen Kids stunning kids accessories
If you have been following Modern Queen Kids on Instagram you will have seen their stunning photoshoots for their kids accessories which have a dreamy otherworldy feeling. The label based in California only launched in the spring of 2015 and features a stunning collection of kids accessories including fanciful jewellery, sparkling adventure sticks, crowns and warrior bands. Every single rock, stone, feather or piece of wood used has been hand curated, painted ...
Disney by Vans, cute collaboration for kids shoes and backpacks
Just a quickie post today as I am getting ready for Pitti Bimbo later this week to highlight the Disney/Vans collaboration for kids shoes and backpacks. Sometimes its hard to see how the Disney images so familiar to so many of us can make the transition into high fashion merchandise but often it is a huge success.
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