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Et Magazine bold shoot with shaved hair kid model Ava
From the new ET magazine a bold shoot by Joanna Paterson featuring shaved hair kid model Ava. Styled by Kate van der Hage the shoot features model Ava Valentine who cut her hair for a cancer charity and is a brilliant gymnast and contortionist who shows off her skills in this editorial. Dress by Hucklebones, sweater around waist by Wynken, body by Noe & Zoe, boots ...
Spring kidswear from No Added Sugar looks at Kith & Kin
Spring kidswear at No Added Sugar is a celebration of our nearest and dearest. Of all the people in the world, the magic of being with another is no greater than when they are our own kith and kin. A suitable post for Valentines Day I think! There is a feeling of love and joy in the girls prints Euphoria, Blissful and Wonderment.
Cute new kids fashion shoot from Joanna Paterson for Milk Magazine
New year and a new kids fashion shoot by Joanna Paterson today. Lots of new shoots for Spring 2016 kidswear will be online this month and here Joanna works again with the group shot idea she used for No Added Sugar so successfully in the fall. The stylist was Rachel Caulfield and the hair and make up was by Victoria Bond, the shoot appears in