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Halloween at Harrods spooky stuff for 2015
Its not often I just send out a press release but my computers been playing up recently so for simplicity I’ve just reproduced some Harrods Halloween offerings today, and actually because its a pretty good selection of Harrods spooky stuff with suitably designer origins! Notice Mums and Dads get to play trick or treat too and there are Batman and Hulk costumes online as well. Harrods Spooky stuff from their Halloween ...
Halloween kids costume US style from Shan and Toad
Here in the UK we tend to go for witches and Dracula look-a-likes  but Halloween kids costumes in the USA are far more imaginative, well they have been celebrating for many years longer over there! In a new creative shoot by Stephanie Matthew for the online webstore Shan and Toad looks are inspired by famous movies and children’s stories for mini me dressed up ...
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