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The V&A tackles fashion sustainability with Fashioned from Nature
The V&A Museum tackles fashion sustainability in its new fashion exhibition for the summer season Fashioned from Nature which opened this weekend just in time for Earth Day around the globe. Covering the past from 1600 to the present day the introductory garments show how fashion’s inspiration not only has come from nature but also taken the creatures themselves with the use of feathers, fur and even beetle ...
Balenciaga is pure fashion inspiration at the V&A Museum
Balenciaga : Shaping Fashion┬áis pure fashion inspiration at the V&A Museum. One of this summer’s important exhibitions, the craft and sheer brilliance of the Balenciaga gowns is worth a visit alone. However they are married with work from current big name fashion designers and these often only seen on the catwalk creations are equally as inspiring for any would be fashionista’s too. Having also seen the Pink Floyd ...
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