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Christmas baubles and decorations Holiday 2016
This week I’ll be popping a few of my favourite Xmas things on the blog from my extensive Christmas in July press show hunting grounds for Holiday 2016 Today its a selection of baubles and Christmas decorations, apart from Petersham Nurseries which I covered earlier this month and which is hellishly expensive, there are also some great bits available at more normal retail outlets, have a look below and see if ...
Christmas 2016 at Petersham Nurseries
Christmas 2016 has arrived at Petersham Nurseries, always a pleasure to visit and always an inspiration for the holiday season. This year there is a focus on all things angelic with white metallic angel wings for wall and tree decorations and sweet retro looking padded angel tree decorations which are joined by winter woodland creatures. The odd exotic decoration features too with pink flamingo tree ornaments and glittery glass bird baubles.
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