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Colours of the Tribe vibrant kids footwear by CHAPTER 2
Vibrant kids footwear from CHAPTER 2 for summer 2018, titled Colours of the Tribe the new collection echoes contemporary street wear and subtle tribal influences. Sportswear styling has monochrome and red & nude combinations and sparkling pewter greys in the diffusion collection. Bold snake prints define the Deluxe collection with an African influence, which is capped with statement tribal flower embellishment and multi colours of fox fur scraps mixed ...
Beautiful Chapter 2 kids handmade footwear for spring 2015
Inspired by the artist Martin Creed’s recent London exhibition the new Chapter 2 kids handmade footwear for spring 2015 features painted brushstrokes on natural leather to imitate the paint on canvas look of the show. Vintage sports shoes inform the shapes and the Monkey boot is a key new style for the new season.
Chapter 2 handmade kids footwear from the UK
Chapter 2 handmade kids footwear has a wonderful story behind the brand. Owners Fay and Tom have a leather workshop in their home where Tom makes the shoes and Fay’s background in accessories at Dries Van Noten and other luxury brands has honed her fashion sense to produce this cool collection of unisex shoe styles. There is also a collection of fine leather belts made in Italy.
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