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Great boyswear for fall 2015 from Billybandit
The Billybandit label from CWF has a great boyswear collection for fall 2015 playing on the strengths of the summer with quirky graphics and a fun cartoon sensibility. Reasonably priced it fills a gap between high st and designer as the difficulty of finding a good mid-range interesting boys collection is huge. There are a few great boys ranges such as Scotch Shrunk but they tend to be more expensive ...
Billybandit – a new launch for spring 2015 from CWF kids fashion from Paris
Sneak peek looks today at both Billy Bandit, the new boyswear launch of kids fashion from Paris for spring 2015 and Billieblush, both lines are from the huge Groupe CWF company in France. Billybandit is a cool new boys line for 2-12 years with a nice quirky sense of humour in its graphic prints and accessories.
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