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Cool Brit kids fashion Beau Loves SS 2019
Some cool Brit kids fashion today with Beau Loves new spring/summer 2019 collection. As ever inspired by their son Beau the label continues to add colour to their previously monochrome edit with a print focus on the glasses Beau has been wearing for years. A new mini capsule collection dedicated to Beau’s mini sibling Knox is new for this season as well.
Brit kids fashion label Beau Loves adds colour for FW18
Brit kids fashion label Beau Loves adds colour for FW18 to their signature monochrome style. The total black and white collection is now looking rather dated and the hipper kids labels such as British Beau Loves are adding colour pieces in to zing with the neutral palette. Always based on the current obsessions of Beau, the son of the founders the winter season finds hand drawn ...
Beau Loves Secret Society for fall 2017 kidswear
The new theme for Beau Loves fall 2017 kidswear is the Secret Society. With a magnifying glass, a detective, a red note book and a key who knows what Beau will uncover! The prints show eyes, keyholes, little red books with hidden embroideries on the garments. Knitwear features handprints, stripes and question marks.
Kids Summer of Love from Beau Loves
The new kids summer SS17 collection from Beau Loves today, titled Summer of Love because ” I Love You” is all little Beau (the inspiration behind the line) wants to hear! Available from Feb 7th Beau Loves will be at Playtime Paris this weekend presenting fall/winter 2017 to kidswear trade buyers. The spring/summer collection has paint brush strokes, love nets and love hearts as all over prints ...
New kids prints from Beau Loves for fall 16
The new kids prints at Beau Loves for fall 2016 have been hand drawn by Beau himself, its only fitting as the label does bear his name! The theme is ‘I saw Galaxies in your Eyes’ and the idea began with Beau’s questions about the Universe. Beau’s felt tip drawings of planets and constellations: the galaxy and copper foil moons and all the all-over prints are hand drawn by the rapidly ...
Beau Loves the dark, fall 2015 kids cool fashion with a spooky look
The new Beau Loves  kids cool fashion for fall/winter 2015 campaign is here shot with a dark and spooky moody night look by Flannery O’Kafka.  As the real life Beau is getting older so are the themes of the collection and the sizing has jumped up to 9 years old too. The launch date will be the 27th August. Another British label that is suffering from copycat designs,
Beau Loves kidswear and funky Wintercroft animal heads for spring 2015
Interestingly this Beau Loves kidswear collection is the second shoot with the funky Wintercroft animal heads I have featured lately. Shot by Flannery O’Kafka in the signature monochrome style for Beau Loves this shows off their strong graphic kids fashion looks. This summer does see the introduction of a little colour in one print which looks like a floral at ...
Beau Loves fall 2014 kids quirky fashion from Britain
Beau Loves is another home grown British label with a nice line in kids quirky fashion and bedlinen. The cool photographer and blogger Flannery O’Kafka always shoots their campaign photos and the new fall 2014 selection is below with her distinctive kids and Scottish locations in a gritty black and white style. This season sees an expanded fashion collection with a new feather print and more girlswear ...
Beau Loves spring 2014 kids fashion and lifestyle photos, a very cool brand at Bubble London
Here is another great set of photos for the kidswear brand Beau Loves by Flannery O’Kafka showing their graphic collection for spring/summer 2014. Beau Loves will be at Bubble London which kicks off on Sunday 26th January for 2 days just after Playtime Paris which opens on saturday 25th January.
Great Beau Loves moody kids fashion shoot for their winter 2013 graphic collection.
Beau Loves is a young British kids fashion brand with a distinctive graphic style that has expanded into bedding recently. For babies, boys and girls with a mainly monochrome palette enlivened with a little mustard it is a quirky but wearable non gendered collection. Founded in 2011 by owner Faye Wilde who trained at Central St Martins the line was inspired by her own baby boy Beau. One ...