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Soft Gallery fall/winter 2014 Scandinavian kids fashion style
One of the leading Scandinavian kids fashion labels is Soft Gallery whose eclectic graphic prints change with different artist collaborations each season. For the fall/winter 2014 season coming their illustrative designs feature the creatures of the northern forest with big bears, wolves, fantastical owls eyes, rabbits and even twig antler headed children all with the whiff of fantasy as seen in the Narnia stories and other childhood texts. The colours are ...
Oeuf NYC fall 2014 baby and kids quirky fashion – Viva Brooklyn!
Oeuf is a New York label with quirky kids fashion and accessories that for the fall 2014 season drew its inspiration from the amazing energy and cool attitude of Brooklyn. The Viva Brooklyn! collection is easy to wear and invites children to feel free, to play, to dance, to create, to dress-up and to express themselves with simple knit sweaters in great unisex colours and accessories that can ...
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